Celebration of Life: Calgary June 8, Montreal June 10, Toronto June 12
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Celebration of Life delivers energy and excitement of Israel’s best musical talent alongside heroic stories of determination and triumph. Showcasing three of Israel's musical stars:

GILAN SHAHAF makes a triumphant return to the Celebration of Life Concert. A well-known TV, film and recording artist, Gilan served three years in the IDF entertainment troop as both a singer and a troop commander.

Uniquely talented MIKA SADE made her mark on “Kohav Nolad” (Israel’s “A Star Is Born” show). As a performer and a composer known for her sultry voice, she successfully launched a music career and has produced two solo albums.

Keyboardist, composer and musical producer ALON RADAI has mastered a diversity of musical styles, including Rock, Punk, Reggae, Pop, and R&B.

Our stars are accompanied by 4 remarkable heroes:

EINAT MALKA served as a combat fitness instructor for elite IDF units. A military training accident led to the amputation of her right leg. Today, a mother of three children, Einat trains for triathlons and assists Beit Halochem members in southern Israel.

YOEL SHARON, injured during the Yom Kippur War, was left permanently paralyzed. Undeterred, he became a filmmaker with a portfolio of influential cinematic work. Yoel is the founder of a sports and recreation association for the disabled in Israel.

NACHMI FEINBLATT served in the IDF’s elite “Oketz” K9 Unit. Nachmi and his service dog, Linda, were wounded by explosives while on duty in Lebanon. He also worked as a military advocate and police officer.

ACHIYA KLEIN, 22, was wounded in October of 2013. His vision was severely impaired after a bomb went off while he was dismantling a terrorist tunnel near the Gaza security fence. He has immersed himself in Beit Halochem activities like tandem bike riding, skiing, running and wall climbing.

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Mission participant makes the case for Israel's disabled veterans

Dalia Day returned to Canada inspired by the disabled veterans and victims of terror whom she met while on Beit Halochem Canada's Yom Ha’atzmaut Mission. She sent a moving letter to her family and friends:

Shalom Friends and Family,

I have just come back from Israel on a mission tour with Beit Halochem Canada. This is the Canadian group that aids disabled veterans of Israel. I only became aware of them a year ago when I had the pleasure of going to their concert in Toronto.

My trip has opened my eyes to realizing the importance of each Israeli soldier. They are the ones who stand on guard to protect not only Israel, but Jewish people all over the world.

I met many veterans, each with their own story and now with their own disability or disabilities.

I met a young man, 22 years old, same age as my daughter, who lost his arm working on a tank. I met an older veteran who stopped a terrorist in Jerusalem with his body. And I met a stunningly beautiful mother, wearing high heels, only to learn that she was missing the bottom part of her leg and was walking on an artificial leg. All these people's stories connected them to Beit Halochem centres around Israel and how these centres gave them a home, rehabilitation and hope ... for them and their families.

Beit Halochem takes care of more than 50,000 disabled veterans, victims of terror and their families, in state-of-the- art rehabilitation centres throughout Israel. Although there are endless organizations that need money, I feel today that Beit Halochem is one organization that really needs our support. Please join me as we do our part.

Thank you,
Dalia Day



Giving them the help they need!

After Israeli disabled veterans and victims of terrorism leave the hospital, they come to Beit Halochem rehabilitation, sports and cultural centres in Tel Aviv, Haifa, Jerusalem, Nahariya and Beer Sheva.

These young heroes will need specialized therapy and rehabilitation for the rest of their lives. Your donations support ongoing programs and purchase much-needed equipment for the Beit Halochem centres, which boast an array of specialized facilities offering both physical and emotional support to the disabled victims, veterans and their families.


Israel - Historic, Heroic, and Home Join Toby and Saul Feldberg and Beit Halochem Canada on an exclusive Yom Ha'atzmaut mission to Israel, April 27-May 8, 2014. Participate in the world's most prestigious Yom Ha'atzmaut celebrations at Mount Herzl, plus enjoy the Israeli Air Force flyover. Socialize with our wounded heroes at Beit Halochem and hear their incredible stories. Receive briefings from Israeli dignitaries and military elite. See Jerusalem Old and New, from the Kotel Tunnels to Mabat 2000. Other sites in Israel: Ayalon Institute, Caesarea, Golan Heights, Independence Hall, Mitzpe Ramon, Red Sea and Tel Aviv.
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Golf Registration OPENS!

Annual Golf Day Registration has opened for our 17th Annual Golf Day, Wednesday July 23, 2014, at Copper Creek, Kleinburg, ON. Join us for the great day of golf, followed by cocktail reception and gourmet dinner ... plus prizes, entertainment and more.
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Give through Greeting cards

Thumbnail of Rosh Hashana card Donate to Beit Halochem Canada and, at the same time, send greetings to family and friends with our cards. Our cards are designed by disabled veterans who are members of the Beit Halochem centres in Israel. The cards are suitably inscribed, and you can also add a personal message. We also offer thank-you notes and special occasion greeting cards for sending year-round.
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